About Us

reliefME was founded in 2012 by Stephen A. Gold, a native New Yorker and entrepreneur, who wanted to do good for the society as a whole. Stephen always had a passion for psychology, and wanted to combine this ideal with the next project that was going to get his time. It was during a local NYC MeetUp that Stephen was given great advice, “Involve yourself in a project that will help change the world, there are too many startups who are trying to be the next Instagram…but in the end, what help does that do for our society?” These words stuck with Stephen and reliefME was born. Stephen has previously worked in the Music Industry as a Marketing Consultant and Manager, in the Fashion Industry as an International Sales Manager, and has been involved in a couple startups based in NYC that he will honestly tell you never got off the ground, but contribututed to the knowledge that he has now.

To reach out to Stephen, please e-mail